About Me

The Man Behind The Lens: Marques Gianni Peacock

Marques Peacock is a student at West Chester University. He is working towards his bachelor’s degree in media & culture. Simultaneously, he is earning a minor in youth empowerment studies.
Academically, Peacock earned a spot on the dean’s list during the spring semester of his junior year at West Chester University. His media & culture classes such as intercultural communications, business speaking and introduction to video production have taught him essential skills and information such as screen writing, camera operations, and a broad understanding of a variety of cultures. His classes have also equipped him to handle social business situations in a professional manner, how to flavor messages to certain audiences and how to use digital editing software. During his fall semester of 2017 he sat in and spoke on multiple airings of 91.7 WCUR The Curve as a guest. He has learned much about the importance of being able to articulate and communicate on the spot because of this opportunity.
Peacock’s youth empowerment studies minor has taught him the innerworkings of urban communities and how to be a better leader. In classes such as youth empowerment & the urban context, introduction to urban studies, and democracy & education, peacock has analyzed multiple theorist such as Paulo Freire to develop his very own vision of what urban youth work should look like. His vision was put to the test in the spring semester of his sophomore year where he interned at The Garage Community & Youth Center. There he implemented a service learning framework designed to teach youth the power of their voice and enable them to create change within their own communities. He learned that to be a great leader you must first inspire your peoples, educate them, and then lead them to action.
Professionally, Peacock has worked on the A/V ministry of Faith International Church in his hometown of Bushkill, PA. During this fellowship he learned how to use high end equipment to broadcast Sunday service weekly. More recently, he has been editing music videos for artist and personal projects in his spare time between classes and his part-time job. Peacock currently works at Saucey’s Pizza and will return to the Oscar Lasko YMCA this spring where he has gained valuable experiences from working with different people and age groups. For example, how important it is to put the empathize with children first and uphold there feelings in a situation when dealing with a conflict. 

Personally, Marques is passionate about empowering those who do not have a voice and giving back to his community. He is heavily involved in his own community and was named 2nd Vice President of the Monroe County NAACP Youth Council in February 2018. He also enjoys spending time with his family & friends, playing videos games, a variety of sports, and photography.